You see a lot of discussion about customers and brand loyalty, but what about employee loyalty? It’s no surprise that everyone who works for you wants to feel appreciated. There is no better way to do that than to offer benefits, in addition to what you already offer, that your team might actually want. Here are some of our favorites:

Mortgage Employee Benefit Program

This program is a highly competitive option that allows your company to add mortgage loan assistance for your employees. It can appeal to your team in many ways. Here are just some options available.

  • No initial deposits.
  • No or limited out-of-pocket costs or application fees
  • On-time closing guarantees
  • Highly competitive rates and flexible terms
  • Dedicated loan professionals to help your employees with the home buying process
  • Some options allow the program to be available for friends and family, as well

Every benefits package is different, so find out what your employees are interested in. This, alone, may be what sets you apart from your competitors when it comes to employee retention.

SW Insurance Corp partners with a Mortgage company that can present to your employees or via flyers on bulletin boards or paychecks.  It is NO COST to you, the employer, but greatly enriches your employees’ lives and saves them money. Contact us at 720-344-110


Small businesses and large corporations alike should offer 401(k) to their employees. There are streamlined options available now through companies who specialize in 401(k) packages, so the former IRS paperwork headache is all in the past. Employers also get a significant tax break from offering retirement plans. Retirement options are one of the primary benefits potential employees seek when looking for a job. Having a 401(k) plan can increase work satisfaction, and therefore, productivity.

SW Insurance Corp partners with several 401 (k) companies to offer the best options for you and your employees.  Just ask. 720-344-1105

Company Clubs

Companies like Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Comcast, and eBay have all sponsored Toastmasters Clubs for their organizations. Toastmasters has been proven to provide members with confidence and communication skills to flourish in their jobs and lives. They become more productive in meetings because they are learning speaking techniques, critical feedback techniques and are better able to take on leadership roles.  This allows them to relate better with clients and customers. Toastmasters also offers education paths for success that can take your business to the next level.

Sally Wurr, President of SW Insurance Corp has been a member of Toastmasters since 2004.  If you are interested in pursuing the option of a company Toastmasters club, reach out and let her know.  She will put you in touch with the right people to facilitate it.  Toastmasters has teams that go into companies to help them build and grow. Contact us at 720-344-1105

Monthly Speaker/Trainer

Training and education is about more than going to college and getting a degree. We never stop learning, and that’s especially true in the business world. If we stop learning, we grow stagnant, and that means limited growth. Monthly speaking and training options give your employees a chance to find a path that benefits them and your company. Find qualified professionals who are interesting and align with your company’s core values. If you’re rolling out a new benefits package, for instance, make sure they have the opportunity to learn as much about it as possible before it’s implemented. Have anonymous surveys at the end so you can find out how much your employees enjoyed the training. That helps you adjust for future workshops and events.

Contact Sally Wurr at SW Insurance Corp (720-344-1105) if you would like referrals for speakers for your employees.

Exercise Promotions/Gift Certificates

Employees that enjoy a healthier lifestyle are necessary to a strong team. It contributes to less absenteeism and lower insurance costs. It doesn’t have to be limited to exercise. You can offer weight-loss support options, smoking-cessation resources, and more. In many instances, your medical insurance carrier already has discounts available.  Just ask.

Gift certificates can come in handy, especially to places and events that can provide camaraderie on another level. Discounts at a healthy eatery, a free massage at a local spa (especially after an intense deadline), can work wonders on making your employees feel appreciated.

Talk with local fitness centers to see if they can offer a company discount. There are online exercise tracking systems as well.  Building a culture of health and wellness can encourage employees and when they are encouraged they will take better care of your clients.  While genetic diseases and unforeseen circumstances can deeply affect those who work for us, most diseases and health issues (like high blood pressure, or high cholesterol) are avoidable and/or manageable.

Final thoughts 

The list of additional benefits you can offer your employees is endless.  By taking the time to allow SW Insurance Corp to discover your company vision and culture, we are better able to offer a wide variety of options.

We help you CREATE YOUR VISION and then transform your company to one that everyone will want to work for. We do this because you deserve to have excellent, cream of the crop employees and your employees deserve benefits that they can relate to.

Your employees work hard for you, so don’t they deserve to know how much you appreciate all that they do?  Contact SW Insurance Corp to begin creating or revising your benefits.