You started a new job and were fortunate to work for a company that offers Employee Benefits. But what does this really mean?  You received your ID card in the mail, but is that all there is?

Depending on which company your health insurance is with will depend and the “what else” question. Many of the carriers offer many additional options that can be found on their websites.

No matter which carrier, log in to their main website, with your ID card in hand, log in to the new user area and set up your personal account. There are several reasons for setting this up.

#1-  Easy to track claims

#2- Access to all the other programs your carrier offers (more about this later)

#3 – Most carriers need you to be signed up online before you can access their mobile application

Most of the carriers offer discounts for over the counter drugs via their online portals. Most offer workout trackers and 24/7 nurse hotline information.

If you are trying to be healthier there are online assessments you can take that compare you to others in the same demographics. It will give ideas and helpful hints on how to improve. Some of the insurance carriers will even send you gift cards for participation. In the near future, you may see reductions in your premium because of a healthy life style.

When you log in to your account (once you set it up) you will be able to access a provider’s list, claims and benefits and special coverages. Many also offer statistics on hospitals as to how successful certain surgeries are and their costs for several types of surgery. For example, if you are expecting a child and haven’t decided on a hospital for your delivery, you can compare hospitals close to you. Compare the costs between a normal delivery or Caesarean. They can be substantially different.

If you need to have surgery, many are listed and this site can give you an idea of the high, average, and low costs of that surgery. Depending on the zip code you live in. It will also give you advice on what to expect before, during and after that surgery.

If you need to access an urgent care, radiology clinic, standalone labs and x-rays the website and mobile application can give you those closest to you. Also, they can give you estimates of the costs, which is very helpful. You will quickly discover not all facilities are created equal. You can find hundreds of dollars of cost differences for the same procedure.

By utilizing the application for your mobile phone, you will have your ID card always with you and access to Urgent Cares and Hospitals no matter where you are in the country. If you have WIFI enabled and click on the “short-cut” icon link on your phone, the nearest facility will show up. It is also excellent for parents. You each have your children’s ID cards with easy access on your phone.

Your insurance carrier has many additional options available to you on their website once you have logged into your personal account. Most offer discounts for gym memberships, Lasik surgeries, acupuncture, and massage. We encourage you to take the time to check it out.

You want great employees and spend a tremendous amount of time and money recruiting and hiring. In today’s world potential employees are looking at what YOU have to offer them in addition to salary. Also, what makes you stand out from other companies in your field. 

Contact our office for a “no cost” 5 point review of your current Benefits Package or a consultation on what is involved in putting a Benefits Package together.