Why should you consider hiring an insurance broker? There are many, many reasons… starting with properly serving your employees. Your employees come to work every day to serve you as your company serves your customers. They work hard, and let’s face it, the working environment is a competitive place these days.  Companies that offer employee benefits often have higher loyalty and retention among the rank and file of employees.

Hiring an insurance broker allows you to relieve some of the stress off of your HR department, and allows for a comprehensive and seamless integration with the team of your choice. A competent broker will listen to your needs, and those of your employees, and then they will narrow the field of insurance options available to only those that specifically cater to those needs.

From medical to dental and even life benefits, when considering hiring an insurance broker, it’s important to find someone who not only knows the market, but who gladly takes the time to get to know your specific requirements, and one who is willing to work within your budget.

Please consider these words of wisdom provided by the President of SW Insurance Corp., Sally Wurr:


Hiring an insurance broker frees you up to do the business of your business. The broker helps you design the best option to get you started, and then help you simplify the process to getting it rolled out to your employees.

Why should you consider hiring an insurance broker? Because taking care of the people who take care of your business… is just good business.  Contact SW Insurance Corp. today to set up a complimentary evaluation of your needs.  Call 720-344-1105, and let’s get you started right away.