Life insurance is an important benefit for many employees. It provides peace of mind for the employee who is concerned about the financial well-being of their family in the event of their death. Life insurance provides a cushion for the employee’s survivors. For many, it is essential- but why is it so important? Here are a few reasons.

Inexpensive group rates

Employers that offer life insurance as a benefit can often get affordable group rates for the benefit. This means that life insurance can be offered at a lower cost than most stand-alone plans.

Ease of access

Generally speaking, Group Life Insurance policies don’t require each individual to undergo a physical exam, which makes it easier for employees to get life insurance. For most, only a health questionnaire is required, but sometimes even that is waived when it comes to group policies. Omitting a physical exam means that employees have more free time in which to be working or relaxing, and also means that they don’t need to schedule a physician appointment or pay for any potential medical bills.

Peace of mind

Employees with life insurance can rest easy at night knowing that, in the event of an emergency or a fateful event, their loved ones will receive the insurance benefit. This can help raise employees’ spirits and boost the morale of the workers, as well as help the family if anything goes wrong.

No discrimination

When employers offer group life insurance, there is an expectation that the life insurance won’t be used in a way that discriminates certain employees. This means that regardless of skin color, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, all employees in said group are eligible for the life insurance policy.

Default insurance

Even if an employer only offers Life Insurance, this still shows they care. Life insurance can help the family maintain their current lifestyle, insuring they won’t lose their home or way of life. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough.

Many people do not understand what Life Insurance is. Having a caring employer automatically offering it becomes a huge benefit for a family. A benefit they may not even realize unless or until the tragedy happens. Receiving a death benefit check isn’t something anyone wants, but it is tremendously helpful when it arrives. The heirs can feel relieved that they have money to bury their loved one and perhaps extra to maintain their lives.


Group life insurance through an employer can be supplemented with optional life insurance for even more of a benefit. This is a good idea when an employee has many dependents, as it gives the whole family good coverage and protection in the event of a tragedy.

Life insurance is always a good idea, and can always be made better with optional insurance and the addition of other important benefits such as medical and dental coverage. Group life insurance is inexpensive, useful, easy to access, and free of discrimination.

No one “plans” to die. We all know we will “someday”. But what happens to your family if “someday” arrives before you are ready for it? Having Life Insurance on all family members is important. Loss of life isn’t just for those over the age of 90.

Employer Life is very inexpensive and can be made available for spouse and dependents along with the employee. We also offer consultation for Individuals in need of life insurance planning for the entire family. The dollars your family receives from a life insurance policy can help towards keeping them in a stable situation after their loss. They have too many other things to take care of and money shouldn’t be one of them.

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