Attracting and retaining quality employees is high on the list of priorities for many businesses. There is a high degree of competition for top talent, and business owners must bridge the gap between requirements and the ability to afford the recruitment and retention processes. Many of today’s employees are quite willing to jump from one employer to another frequently. In this article, we’ll share some of the best practices that we’ve discovered for attracting – and then keeping your top talent.

  1. Culture is everything.  Companies that have a strong sense of culture tend to attract the most people. Especially Millennials appreciate being part of things that are greater than themselves.  So, set up avenues via payroll where they can contribute to a specific cause. Or you can establish opportunities for teams of employees to help at food kitchens, homeless centers or where they can get involved with other types of volunteer work.
  2. Creative benefits go a long way. You probably already offer medical benefits, but have you considered getting creative with other elements or perks for your employees? You can offer legal or identity theft prevention services. Supplemental insurance policies also allow employees the flexibility to customize their benefits to areas that are most relevant to them.
  3. Balance both work and life.  One of the very best ways to attract and then retain top talent is to allow them flexibility in the areas of parenting, working from home, etc. Employees these days feel a great draw toward family, and by allowing them a flexible schedule (within reason) and they will be hard-pressed to look for work elsewhere.

Of course, if you offer such forward-thinking and creative benefits in an effort to attract and retain great candidates, you owe it to yourself to announce that via a series of FB or other social media posts.